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Electricity saving

Energy saving devices

  • Only solar heater and no electrical heaters.
  • Predominant use of compact fluorescent lamps and still better will be LED.
  • Use of electronic fan regulators to reduce electrical loss.
  • Solar powered emergency lamps.

Pergolas and RCC Venetian blinds in first floor terrace to allow natural light and ventilation and at the same time, reducing heat. Minimal walls to facilitate free flow of air and reduce building mass which can contribute to ambient heat.

Replacing electric hot water systems with solar hot water and water efficient shower heads by 2020 would save 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the equivalent greenhouse gas pollution emitted by a large coal-fired power station.

Save Electricity useful tips

Electricity saving

  • Take all the electricity bills of last year, total it and divide it by 12, you will get your average monthly bill for last year. Ensure that your bill every month during this year is less by 15% to 20% to that of last year’s average.
  • Construct your house which will have sufficient ventilation for breeze and sunlight. You can improve the ventilation of the house in which you live now. Among the major contributors of green house gases are industries that produce electricity by burning coal. If people use less electricity it will result in less production of electricity and naturally less burning of coal
  • Provide windows in such a way that will allow sufficient sunlight into the house.
  • Use lighter colour paints for your walls which will provide more brightness so that you can use lesser watts bulbs.
  • Avoid lights during day time.


  • Always use Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL). Life of a CFL bulb is about 5500 hours. Whichever place you use lights continuously, you should use these bulbs as it has long life and consumes less electricity.
  • Clean the bulbs and lights once in a month, so that the dirt does not reduce the brightness.
  • You can use CFL and LED bulbs/lights for specific purposes. For example – sitting on your desk and doing your work, use a table lamp instead of using other lights.
  • Whenever you leave a room ensure that the lights and fans were switched off.
  • The better way will be using compact florescent lamps, the best will be LED lamps and by far superior is solar lamp.
  • Outside the house if you use a bulb for safety purpose, always use T5 bulbs with an auto switch which will have a timer and it switches off automatically at the time of sunrise.
  • Instead of keeping bright lights sticking to the roof you can have lesser watts bulbs kept lower just 2 meters above so that you get more light.
  • You can avoid usage of curtains. If you feel it is absolutely necessary use light transparent screens and as far as possible should be light in colour
  • Keep the bulbs according to the needs. Many places need lesser watts bulbs, for example, Pooja rooms and bath rooms.


  • Fans need to be cleaned frequently and the bearings need to be oiled regularly, if it has dust it will consume more electricity and reduces the life of the fans.


  • Refrigerated cool water consumes electricity and affects the throat too. Consider this. Keep the water in a mud pot and the water will become neither hot nor too cold. Still better will be storing the water in a copper vessel for at least 8 hours which will kill the bacteria, and then you can transfer it to the mud pot.
  • Use the refrigerator for storing only things that are perishable. Too much stock will result in too much of consumption of electricity.
  • Switching off the refrigerator thinking that it will save electricity is wrong, as every time you switch it on, it will consume more power.
  • Any cooked food should not be kept in the refrigerator straight away. You allow it to come to normal temperature and keep it in the refrigerator, and you will be saving electricity by this.
  • Anything you take from the refrigerator don’t try to heat it immediately. Keep it outside for sometime so that it comes to normal room temperature and heat it. You will be saving gas.

Air conditioner

  • When you fix the Air-conditioner don’t use the window space as it will block the sunlight and the breeze. Don’t keep the Air-conditioner at a height. If you keep it lower you will get the effect of it directly. If you keep it in a height it will take time for the room to get cool.
  • Always keep the rooms properly insulated and see to that there are no gaps in the doors and windows so that you don’t loose cool air. There is a thing called Air-conditioner addiction, for example, even in hot places like Chennai and even when the temperature drops down during winter people will close the windows and use Air-conditioner. Instead they can keep the windows wide open.
  • When you use Air-conditioner use the curtains which will absorbs the heat that comes from outside. In Air-conditioned rooms for the glass windows you can paste sun control films or you can use tinted glass.
  • Clean the AC filter once in a week. Accumulated dust results in more consumption of electricity.


  • Change your dress according to weather. In summer , wear hosiery and shorts and sweater in winter. By wearing the right type of dress you can reduce your dependence on fans , AC or room heaters.. A little care during construction will make a much difference.


  • Switch off the computers when not in use.

Water Heater

  • Don’t keep the water heater temperature more than 120°F and you will see an 11% reduction in your electricity consumption. Better always use solar water heater.


  • In a hot climate you don’t need a separate dryer in addition to the washing machine, when the sun does the drying free of cost.
  • Use a strong, narrow rope, cord, wire, etc., usually stretched between two poles, posts, or buildings, on which clean clothes is hung to dry, not a dryer, which consumes a lot of electricity . The best drier is the air, wind. And most important of course is Sun.

Mixer & Grinder

  • Ensure the sharpness of the mixer blades for better grinding and to save electricity.

Recharging Batteries

  • We charge the batteries of Laptops, Mobiles and Digital Cameras by connecting it to power but once it is fully charged there is no need for to be connected to power as it will lead to wastage of power. We must note to disconnect.

Electric Motor

  • Always buy and use electrical motors with thermal capacitors as they produce less heat and consume less electricity.

Solar Panelling

  • Install solar panelling. Without doubt it costs more when you buy, but it saves considerable amount of money, recurring monthly electricity bill.

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