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Use Used Water

The word USED conveys only one thing. Used product means it has already been used. It is different from a worn out product, broken product, spoiled product, defective product , etc. Used product means it can be still used. It has still some more life. World over there are huge markets for used products selling used furniture , used car, used electronic gadgets, used books etc. Changing the word from ‘OLD’ to ‘USED’, changes our very thinking of the product and its use. Some people who want to sell their car add one more word as a prefix and adjective, i.e. sparingly used car.

Let us come to the most precious and the second basic necessity of living being, water. 97% of water is in the seas and salty, 2% is frozen as ice in mountains like Himalayas, and Alps as well polar regions Artic & Antarctic. Only one 1% is available for us in the form rain water, surface water and ground water. We cannot be negligent in misuse and abuse of water. We should learn to use USED Water. Instead of calling black water as sewage and grey water as sullege, let us call the same as USED Water and it will make a big difference in our attitude towards it.

Used water cannot be used again for drinking and bathing unless the waste water undergoes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment like they do in Japan and many Middle East Countries. To do these treatments will cost a lot of money and use of energy. But as water is scarce it does not matter.

What one can do to make the best use of used water is to differentiate it from the place of its origin. Used water from kitchen and water out of washing the dishes form the easy category. This can be reused straightaway as garden water with process or without any process. Better you have a separate tank for sullage . You can bacterially treat and make it as good as tap water and use it for gardening.

Like used water , Exnora has also created septic tank which treats on its own sewage as garden water. Such septic tank has been named by Exnora as Safetic Tank. Yes the water there is safe for gardening.

If you have little money and agree to the condition that you will use only a used tank, you can have one more overhead tank exclusively for treated water. The water from the Safetic Tank will be taken to the second tank called Overhead Treated Water Tank (OTWT). But the water from the OTWT has to be taken through separate pipe with connection to your garden tap and other to the toilet flush tank in the toilets.

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