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Development Drive Guidelines

Before you read any further, one role you should assume is to instantly become an e. Volunteer an action which you can do quite effortlessly sitting on your chair. Inform your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues , neighbours, e. contacts and e. groups by e. mail your decision to practise in your home and ask them too to do it. Just provide them the web address of

HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY which is The major part of the earth saving campaign should be done now through e. medium through the easiest, effortless and practical e. volunteering as an electronic environmental service called e. service. Tell them easier way to know everything will be to straight land on these two important guiding websites, &

Start building an e Mail ID Address Bank and use it for this purpose

You can request those who have websites to provide web links to & in their own web sites. If you have website, do provide the links immediately.
Remember you should start in your HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY

Prepare a checklist of activities and start with a few of the activities in your home / apartment and be really a ‘Home Exnora Yoga Practitioner’. If you live in a Flat Complex , Children can join and jointly do. Get from 1 to 5 stars " Excellence e. Certificate" depending on the work done. If you do more than 20 activities , you get “HEY Environmentalist Award”. Once you achieve, invite your neighbours, friends, relatives, colleagues to visit your Home Exnora.. You can proudly display outside

Home Exnora Yoga Development Campaign Action

Smart & Star Method 1: “Catch them young and make them practise |

  1. You can go to all the educational institutions in your area one by one and meet the Principal. Get her / his permission to address the students (e.g. in the Morning Assembly) .
  2. The first & the best is to ask children start “Doing the saving the planet exercise from, in and at their own home ” by taking a few simple exercises which all have been explained in detail in the website . It may be hard to believe that environmental catastrophes can be stopped by every one following and adopting a quite simple self imposed code of conduct of certain ‘Do’s & Don’ts in their respective home. You can approach every one but a sure way to make it happen is making children and students introduce the environmental protecting HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY concepts in their Home. Apart their helping to protect the planet, they will find to their amazement that by taking these simple steps their Home becoming a “Home Paradise” and the activity will have a wonderful impact on them and grooming them into model citizens. Tell in the meeting that if every student does the environmental protection activities in their respective home, their whole area will change itself as a model and the planet would be saved..

A. Distribute them a small slip to each one with the following message in it.

Arrest Global Warming
Join the simple “Cool the Globe”
Action Practise & Propagate ‘HEYHOME EXNORA YOGA See:

That is not all. Once they do it in their Home it will become a habit for them and their parents, why even their domestic help. These habits will be sub consciously practised in the vehicle, car or two wheeler and the place where they spend their day. (For students it is their educational institution & adults their work place). That means every inch of the earth will be covered by this approach.

B. Tell them to browse the website (A practical Guidelines for making your Home a paradise through Home Exnora Yoga) and see

C. a practical guidance through a video of a down to earth Home Exnora Yoga practitioner (video on Home Paradise by (HOME EXNORA YOGA ) using the link. Tell them the operation that they should do from the list of Home Exnora Yoga activities (given in the web site). Appeal to the students to participate and develop themselves as young leaders and “Young Environmentalists”, in particular. Request the Principal too to join you in your appeal to the students which will certainly make your campaign stronger.

3. Impress the school to start School Exnora Yoga. They have to do the same activities as described in the Home Exnora Yoga website with only change in the place and the role players.

Smart & Star Method 2 : “Use Internet to initiate, involve & integrate”

4. Links that will link you to knowledge :

Another way of easily and surely getting people to join is through internet. Launch a Mega E mail campaign with an appeal and providing in your message Exnora’s web links for realising Model Home ( and Model Town / Village ( as well as Clean & Green World . Send to those who are known to you. Ask them to forward your message to those who are known to them. First ask your family members to send it to their own circle.

Create a Mega E mail ID Bank and start collecting E Mail IDs of all those in your neighbourhood. Get the E mail IDs of Students and seek their assistance to spread the message and do e. volunteering. Involve Students to collect E Mail IDs of persons in each place/ street.

Create e Groups and join other e groups:

Create your e mail signature in which you provide links to the two important & . Send in your E mail important Exnora’s following ‘YouTube” links through your E mail.

  1. Enviro –friendly Model Home through Home Exnora Link
    (Making your Home a paradise through Home Exnora) & Video
    (video Home Paradise through Home Exnora)
  2. Enviro Friendly Model Street / Area through Civic Exnora Link:
  3. Enviro-friendly Model Town through Town Exnora Innovators Club – Link:
  4. (Video on town/ village Zero SWM )
  5. Enviro Friendly World through Exnora International–Link : It will produce astonishing results. Create your ‘SIGNATURE’ in your E Mail with hyperlinks to Exnora Website ( Later you can have your own website and give its link in your E Mail signature. Your members too can have their own E Mail ‘SIGNATURE’. Collect the E Mail IDs of people of the EIC area and communicate through E mail. Form E Groups, general, activity based, subject based.

Smart & Star Method 3: “Their platform, your spring board” - A nil Expense meeting

5. Any meeting conducted by any one, at any place, on any day, for any reason, whether you go there as an invitee or uninvited, request the organisers to allot you five minutes time to use their platform for your making an appeal about your environmental protection activities particularly realising Clean, Green and Safe neighbourhood. Collect the names, addresses, Phone numbers and E Mail IDs of those who may be interested and other participants and do the follow up. Take up ready made sign up forms with columns for name , address, phone number, email Ids etc. Most of them will agree to give you permission to speak and make an announcement that too before the commencement of the meeting. The reasons are that meetings don’t start on time as the organisers will be forced to delay it for the arrival of the Chief Guest and other dignitaries, with the audience waiting not knowing what to do. Just imagine an opportunity for you to communicate your message in a meeting not arranged by you for which you did not print invitation, call people to attend, fix the hall, take the trouble of organising, and spend money out of your pocket. In fact you can go a step further. See the Today’s Engagements Column of the leading News papers and see the meetings that are taking place. Go thirty minutes earlier and seek the permission of the organisers. They will happily agree. You can speak as long as they give you permission. You don’t need to feel shy. You are not doing anything for yourself but for a common cause.

Remember to distribute the following 2 square inch slip

Arrest Global Warming
Join the simple
“Cool the Globe” Action
Practise & Propagate
ome Exnora Yoga

Smart & Star Method 4 : Get people, still better go where people gather

6. It is always not easy to get people. Today people are preoccupied with their profession, travel and entertainment. They are busy in their own homes with TV, Video Games ,Home Theatre ,E Mail, Mobile, SMS, etc. It will be a challenge to get them to attend a meeting to listen to you. Be practical. Instead of your getting them to your place , you go to the places where they assemble/ gather / visit. Places of worship, cinema, drama, music , picnic spot, domestic functions etc., etc are some examples. In slums the easy way to meet people is the place where the wait minimum one hour for the water distribution truck to arrive. Even in marriages when the music programme is there in the evening, get on to the dais and speak for five minutes. Well before that take their permission. Who will say no!

Smart & Star Method 5- “Passenger Messenger”

12. Every town, village and neighbourhood has bus transport facility. When the bus reaches the terminus, new passengers get into bus. But it takes at least thirty minutes for the driver and conductor to return and the bus to start. Till then the passengers wait in the bus not knowing what to do. Exnora volunteers particularly the Students Exnora members can get into the bus after taking permission from the conductor; briefly talk about environmental, health, hygiene problems and the solutions. They can collect the contact address of those who are interested to take part in the activity. For spreading any message we need audience. The great opportunity comes when every time a bus stops at the terminus which can be made the use of for spreading HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY concepts. There is no need to have any shyness or inhibition as you are going on a great mission of spreading noble causes. A few religions used these types of methods to propagate.

Smart & Star Method 6: News Papers : “Ideas through Media”

13. Prepare a Press Release with an appeal to the Press about your mission requesting them to publish in their paper. The appeal should clearly say your mission for your area that is spreading HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY concepts. and contact details.”. Go to the leading news papers particularly the neighbourhood news papers and ask them to publish news with your appeal for the interested persons to start HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY

Smart & Star Method 13: Your publicity will carry publicity on environmental protection too.

15. Print messages on your crusade on your visiting / business , your letter heads, envelopes , etc. Mention the two websites & You can make a sticker and paste it on your vehicle. Do you want to make your area clean & green visit websites & or Do you want stop Global Warming, visit websites “ &”. Even your ID on your shirt can carry the same message. If you own a business or shop the name board of the shop, carry bags, bills etc can contain the message. You and activists can a make a small banner like the one given below and display the same in all big meetings.

Arrest Global Warming
Join the simple
“Cool the Globe”
Action Practise & Propagate
Home Exnora Yoga’


You can request Cab & Auto Drivers and to display the above message on their vehicle. Every one in their own profession give some space for spreading this message. Doctors can keep a sign in the patients waiting hall. Even they cab print the web address in their prescriptions.

Home Exnora Yoga Pandit

If every one practices Home Exnora Yoga through Home exnora activities, the life of the planet will be longer and the most threatening catastrophe on account of Global Warming waiting at our door steps will be subdued.

Who can be a Home Exnora Yoga Pandit? The one who becomes conversant with various activities of Exnora has flair to communicate the message to others. He has to fill up the enclosed E-Application form. On receipt of the E-Application form, Exnora International will issue a “Home Yoga Pandit” E-Certification, so that he/she can propagate among the neighbours, friends, colleagues, relatives and school students. He will talk about the environmental problems including Global Warming and teach as a solution Home Exnora Yoga based in the information provided by Exnora.

Yoga based in the information provided by Exnora. Exnora’s recommendation is one in each family come forward to be Home Exnora Pandit. They can take charge of the activities in their own home and if they wish they can guide others too. Better this opportunity of serving as Home Exnora Yoga Pandit to a child in the Home.

Home Exnora Yoga ‘Student-Trainers”:
On the same lines mentioned above Home Exnora Yoga “Student-Trainers" will be inducted from and among the students who have passion on environmental protection. The same pattern will be followed in their being designated.


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