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Food Hygiene
  • Buy organically grown vegetables, grains, fruits and groceries.
  •  Prevent food poisoning by eating cooked food and consuming it before it becomes cold.
  • Cover the food with a proper lid.
  • If it becomes cold, eat it only after re-heating it.
  • Clean the grains, vegetables etc before cooking it.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and tidy always.
  • Strictly follow the rule, one plate per person. It is not safe for more than one person to eat from the same plate as they can contract saliva borne diseases.
  • As far as possible, use spoons and forks to eat and make sure they are properly washed before use.
  • If you use your hands to eat, make sure they are washed.
  • Do not lick your fingers while eating.
  • Preserve left over food as it can be served for the next meal as well. In this case, the food must be covered and kept in the refrigerator. Also learn how to naturally refrigerate your food.
  • Mark the date of purchase (if the manufacturing date is not mentioned) on the product and avoid eating it beyond its expiry date.
Transfer the water into a mud pot where through a natural process it will be cooled



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