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Mahatama Gandhi was known for positivism. He was a lover of Nature. He used to get insulting letters from people who did not like him, but Gandhiji always found something good in it. He would not forget to take the pin holding a bunch of papers for reuse. That is not all. He would use the backside of a letter as one side paper for reuse.

Traditionally people placed importance to reusing products. You can reuse many things like

  • Battery recharge
  • Retire tyres
  • Plastic bags
  • Paper use in home

You can carry lunch in a Tiffin box.
You can carry a cloth / jute bag when you go for shopping
Buy products that can be used repeatedly. If you buy things that can be reused rather than disposable items that are used once and thrown away, you will save natural resources. You will also save the energy used to make them, and reduce the amount of landfill space needed to contain the waste.
You must do psych cycling before you actually buy something. That is giving work to your mind, whether what you buy will damage our fragile planet or whether the ultimate waste because of your purchases can be recycled.

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