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Over dependence on petroleum and petroleum products is not good either from the view point of conservation or environment. As per rough estimates, petrol will be available only for another thirty years. Before that we will have “Peak Oil”, with the oil production touching the highest ever. The year after the oil price will sky rocket.

Petrol filled in your automobile tank after getting burnt, becomes carbon monoxide which comes out through the automobile exhaust pipe. Many vehicles due to poor maintenance and use of inferior or adulterated oil produce smoke emissions, many times more than the normal and permitted level. The major contributory factor for air pollution and the consequent global warming are automobiles.

From now onwards people should start switching over to alternatives.  The best is the bi-cycle. Start using the bicycle as often as possible.

The Cycle is an excellent alternative to the automobile on account of the following:

  • Conservation of petrol. More cycles mean less dependence on automobiles which means less consumption of petrol.
  • Less consumption means less Air Pollution.
  • Saving foreign exchange now spent on import of petrol.
  • Good physical exercise which helps the cyclists achieves a fit physique.
  • More cycles mean less number of speeding automobiles on the road which means fewer accidents.
  • Fosters sense of humility and simplicity, the message which is the need of the hour, when a sizable chunk of population live a luxurious life with all types of extravagance without realizing that a vast majority of people’s income is below the level of subsistence. Leading luxurious life leads to debts and people getting into a debt trap.

The best way to promote this is starting Exnora Cyclists Club in your place. The club members would depend more on cycles than on automobiles.  In order to overcome the inhibition of status, the club would advocate the use of cycles in groups (Group Cycling) amongst students and office goers.

The EXNORA CYCLISTS’ CLUB members should propagate the benefits of cycling:

  • They can visit in their cycles as a group to various localities with placards carrying message in support of cycling, signs on its benefits, tied to their cycles.
  • They can carry on long distance group cycling expeditions.
  • They can conduct cycle sports.
  • There can be a vintage cycle rally. Owners of oldest cycles can be given prizes.
  • There can be a cycle rally where the oldest and the youngest cyclists can be honored.
  • There can be a cycle endurance test, and prizes can be given to those who ride cycle for a long time (I to 3 days)
  • Cycle acrobatics can be conducted.
  • There can be contests for the cyclists who carry maximum persons in one cycle.
  • Different uses of cycle can be tried, carrying various kinds of goods even heavy goods.

Branches of Exnora Cyclists’ Club can be started in residential localities, schools and colleges. It can be part of Exnora Innovators Club if there is one. If not you can start one and register the same with Exnora International. There will be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary, Treasurer and six committee members to carry on the functions of EXNORA CYCLISTS’ CLUB

You can always take this initiative with the help of an Exnora Innovators’ Club (Director, Environmental Objective) or

Exnora Cyclists‘ Club International Coalition,
C/o. Exnora International,
#20, Giriappa Road, T.Nagar,
Chennai 600 017. India.

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