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Isn’t it incredible?
will make
your House / Flat / Hut a Complete Home
COOL THE GLOBE ACTION  starts at HOME, Continues in the VEHICLE & Culminates in the WORKPLACE
For children it is
COOL THE GLOBE ACTION  starts at HOME, Continues in the VEHICLE & Culminates in the SCHOOL


Let us call our individual and collective action as “Cooling the Globeinstead of pronouncing it as an effort against “Global Warming. Does it not sound positive?
Home Exnora Yoga activities will involve the adoption of certain new habits in transforming your home into a

1. Homely Home 2. Hygiene Home 3. Clean Home 4. Green Home 5. Conservation Home 6. Renewable Energy Home 7. Pollution free Home 8. Simple Home 9. Healthy Home 10. Safe Home 11. Brainy Home 12. Motivated Home 13. Happy Home 14. Hearty Home 15. Complete Home 16. Model Home 17. Car Yoga 18. Other Yogas

How does one realise this? Everything is possible if you browse through our website content which covers all the above topics including the real homes which have already been created and seen by thousands and admired. Implement the dos & donts provided in the guidelines to achieve the above and make your home a COMPLETE HOME. Consider the activities enlisted in the website as a checklist and try as many as possible. Step by step you will become habituated to these activities.

What is Home Exnora Yoga?  Here is the explanation. HOME is the place where you live. ExNoRa stands for Excellent , Novel & Radical, an acronym of the first two letters of the three words, reminding you to ensure that  these three characteristics flow  in your thoughts, words and action, in protecting the environment.  Yoga means perfection. That is whatever you do, do it meticulously. Perfection is a by-product of concentration. It is the same principle that underlies Karma Yoga, Hata Yoga, Atma Yoga and Gnana Yoga. By adopting the Home Exnora Yoga principles, your home whether it be a palace, bungalow, apartment or hut will become perfect in all regards.

HEY is the abbreviation Home Exnora Yoga. As defined in the dictionary HEY is a shout, expressing joy, or a question used to attract attention. In this sense the word HEY is apt as we need to draw the attention of the people to the environmental problems, particularly, Global Warming. They should be able to share the ideas expressed on our website on Home Exnora Yoga HEY in letter and spirit. In doing so they can tell others “HEY, I have done it!”. Yes it is contagious, so before reading further say “HEY” loudly out of happiness. Say together HEY, Shout together HEY & Sing together HEY. It creates a sound that makes you want to know more. You will be surprised to know that HEY was one of the last two words uttered by Mahatma Gandhi before he died. What you do in your Home through HEY will support and protect Mother Nature and not destroy her. The HEY activities will make your abode a Home paradise. When you say Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! say it with feeling and it makes all the difference, to both the fight against Global Warming and to your vocal chords.

Learn more about Exnora International by visiting our web site, and associate web sites. Remember and register in your mind that 'Cool the Globe Action' starts at your home, continues in the vehicle and culminates in the work place (or School / College for students). With regard to your vehicle it should be Car Exnora Yoga or Truck Exnora Yoga and in your workplace you must practice Office Exnora Yoga or Industry Exnora Yoga. If you work in a hotel, it will be Hotel Exnora Yoga. If you are a student, you can join hands with other students to make your school, college, university a School Exnora Yoga, College Exnora Yoga, or University Exnora Yoga respectively. It is as simple as introducing the same ideas and recommendations as mentioned for Home Exnora Yoga in your work place, school or even university. The place of your activity might change but not the activity itself. Begin your earth saving journey now, this instant.

How to start HOME EXNORA YOGA? When to start? Where to start? …..are your concerns right now, we know. You can switch on your HOME EXNORA YOGA activities right this moment, by switching off those lights in your home which are burning unnecessarily. This action of switching off the unnecessary burning lights will certainly result in stopping the unnecessary burning of coal for producing electricity and the consequent creation of green house gases.   Start your Home Exnora Yoga activities with a simple action like this. Once you start there is no turning back. Practice and propagate. Life on this planet will be saved.

 For Motivation let us borrow the words of the Second World War Hero, Sir Winston Churchill. After the fall of France when Hitler’s troops were nearing Britain, the British Prime Minister Mr. Churchill roared   “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.  He went on to tell his countrymen “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” Those highly stimulating and motivating words changed the very course of the war as well as the history of the world. We are in the same situation today. Had Churchill been alive, he would have said “Let us fight our enemy, the Global Warming in our homes, in our offices, on our roads: we shall never surrender”

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 Truth be told we are sitting on a ticking time bomb which may explode at any time. To understand the urgency of the situation, watch without further delay the most down to earth and enlightening film, "An Inconvenient Truth", produced by Paramount Classics and Participant Productions, directed by Mr. Davis Guggenheim featuring  Mr. Al Gore. The first step is to tell yourself "All good things begin with me" and begin Home Exnora Yoga today itself. Spread the message to at least five people per day. Together we will achieve our collective mission of 'Cooling the Globe'

Declare now that
“Cool the Globe Action begins with me”
and to do so
Start Home Exnora Yoga today

No doubt the problem of
Global Warming
is an
“Inconvenient Truth”.
offers the
"Convenient Solution"

Members of Home Exnora Yoga
The earth-saving Environmental activities start at the grass root level in every one’s Residence. The roles should be shared among the elders, senior residents, youngsters, children, Home Beautifier and even servants in each home. The roles are to be shared as well as rotated so that every one will experience the mission as being their own. Yes! Exnora believes that one must “Think Globally & Act Locally” as well as “Do Domestically”.




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