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Did you know that you are exposed to serious dust pollution, not just outside you home but inside as well?  Particulate pollution is another area which should engage your attention. Due to activities in the home including cleaning exercises tiny dust particles are released which can cause havoc to your health.  The dust particles find their way to your respiratory system and make life miserable, particularly for those who suffer from lung related diseases including asthma.

People can develop an allergy to the microscopic organism called mite that thrives in the dust, causing perennial allergic rhinitis or even symptoms of asthma.

Dust comes from sweeping, dusting, cooking, powdering and scratching some thing like an article. Even kitchen produces dust. e.g. when you remove the pith from coconut and the food dust released by the mixer when you open it after grinding. This is all in addition to what the wind brings home from outside. While you do cleaning, you must wear a face mask.

The footwear brings not only dust but bacteria too. People of some countries like India have the practice of leaving their shoes outside or at the entrance. They use different foot wear for the indoors. This is one of the best practices related to home hygiene. If you want to tell your visitors diplomatically, keep a sign outside your home preferably at the entrance " Your shoes will be safe here", which will be taken in lighter vein by your guests. Or it can be, "To enjoy the softness of the carpet inside leave the footwear outside" Another could be “Thank you for leaving your footwear here and entering our home barefoot"

The following will help reduce dust pollution within your home

          • A Green Compound wall
          • A Home Front Garden
          • A Tree line along the compound
          • Plants inside the compound
          • Creepers on the sunshade
          • Covering  the garden  soil with grass

       The solutions that are available to you

        1. Have a green cover.
        2. Have a shoe stand outside with a sign that the foot wear should be left there. You set an example to others
        3. When you dust and do cleaning, cover your face with mask
        4. Do cleaning particularly, the mats and carpets regularly.
        5. If a dust source is nearby , meet the contributor  and counsel him
        6. Ask the local government to cover the road from one end to another with bitumen. The platform can be covered with grass.

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