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Walk 'n' Exercise

(* Walk ‘n’ Exercise: Source Nirmal’s 7th Sense Brain Resource Development Training Institute )


Healthy home implies the health of the people in the home. Healthy home also includes  hygiene and cleanliness within the home. The same has been covered extensively under various topics. Unless people in the family are healthy, gloom will creep in their minds. Walking is one of the best exercises. It is easy and does not require much effort. It helps one to stay physically fit and keep in shape without increasing one’s weight.   It burns excess sugar. While walking, it is the legs that primarily get the exercise and hands as well to some extent. Walk ‘n’ Exercise is a technique where while walking one does a number of physical exercises too. It is a kind of two in one. You save time meant for exercise.

The exercises taught will result in exercise of the limbs and internal organs of the body.

  1. Rotate your hands, making a full cycle both forward and backward while you walk.
  2. Move hands sideways and take it over your head and allow your hands touch each other.
  3. Bring both your hands infront of you and then raise them simultaneously over your head and then bring them down slowly.
  4. Massage one palm with fingers of another hand and vice versa.
  5. Keep shaking off your palms and if you do so fast, you will feel a vibration.
  6. Fold and unfold your palms with your fingers.
  7. Rotate your neck.
  8. Turn your neck from one side to another
  9. Walk a while on your toes lifting your heels. Do it slowly and ensure that you do not lose your balance.
  10. Walk for a couple of minutes on your heels lifting your toes. Make sure to maintain your balance while doing this.
  11. Walk backwards, provided you have a partner to guide you.
  12. Walk so that the heel of your foot touches the ground first. Roll your weight forward.
  13. Walk with your toes pointed forward.
  14. Swing your arms as you walk.
  15. Do exercise of your eyes by rotating eyeballs

Ensure that the route and time you plan your walk is safe.

  • If you walk at dawn, dusk, or night, wear a bright colour dress / T Shirt
  • Walk in a place where a lot of people walk.
  • Do not wear jewels or carry a lot of money as you could be mugged.
  • Do not listen to the walkman while you walk. Do not talk into your mobile while you walk. Such walkers do not notice speeding vehicles and are putting their lives at risk.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

Leave time in your busy schedule to follow a walk ‘n’ exercise program that will work for you. Keep the following points in mind as you plan your program:

  • Choose a safe place to walk preferably a park.
  • It is better to walk in the evening. Morning is good for yoga, meditation and pranayam which you can learn and do. An evening walk is good in several regards. When you walk in the park in the evening you will breath in a lot of oxygen due to the photosynthesis of the plants. Walking can be tiring and if done in the evening will help you get sound sleep at night.
  • Choose and wear proper shoes.
  • Have proper clothing to suit the weather season
  • Separate your walk into three parts. The first five minutes is for warming up. Thereafter walk slowly. During the next twenty minutes, increase the speed of your walk and at the twentieth minute start brisk walking. The last five minutes is meant for slowing down. Reduce your pace and stop at the 30th minute.
  • If you are diabetic always carry chocolates in your pocket in case you get hypoglycemia (low sugar).

Thirty minutes walk ‘n’ exercise a day is ideal.


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