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To fight the winged monster, Mosquitoes through Exnora’s
“Mosquito Musketeers”
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People die due to so many reasons. They are

  1. Natural
  2. Caused due to diseases
  3. Due to accidents that happen in one’s home, office & place of visit as well as while travelling by road, rail, air & water
  4. Suicides
  5. Violence
  6. Wars
  7. Punishment (e.g. by a court of law)
  8. Negligence (e.g. a wrong treatment given to a patient).

When we talk about fights and wars we mean those fought between countries, and people of different faiths, languages and castes.

What is interesting is that next to natural deaths more people die on account of diseases. In developing nations, among other diseases those brought by mosquitoes occupy top place. People consider one section of the society as enemy of another.. Unfortunately, they forget their common enemy, mosquitoes. Yes, more people die by mosquitoes than by people of other faiths, languages, castes etc.

People world over have been experiencing the menace of mosquitoes. People suffer due to a number of diseases brought by mosquitoes, among them the serious ones are Malaria, Chikungunya, Elephantiasis, Dengue and Encephalitis (Brain Fever). The hardships that these sicknesses cause are indescribable. Exnora with its experience firmly believes that the best action will be to prevent mosquito breeding than eradicating them. In other words mosquitoes can be contained by nipping the problem in the bud. The problem is more due to acts of commissions and omissions on the part of the people and allowing mosquitoes to breed.

  1. Mosquitoes breed in the uncovered over head tanks & sumps (which cause Malaria, Chikungunya & Dengue).
  2. Mosquitoes breed in the uncovered septic tanks & dirty water (which cause Elephantiasis and Encephalitis).
  3. The third source is the stagnated rain water in the low lying areas and the open cesspools.
  4. In the storm water drainage people dump garbage and debris resulting in stagnation of water and consequent breeding of mosquitoes. People connecting their domestic sewerage, with the corporation storm water drainage is yet another problem.
  5. Wherever there is no free flow of water in the Rivers and Canals, there is breeding of mosquitoes.

Exnora has found that the problem can be solved to a considerable extent by little volunteerism and action in one’s own home.

  1. Become a Mosquito Musketeer and start action in your home before it is too late. Make the members of your family Mosquito Musketeers as well.
  2. Then enlarge your action in your street with a group of motivated volunteers, Make them Mosquito Musketeers too.
  3. The next step is to do this service in your neighbourhood.

The action programme

1.Awareness Creation:
To form a team of Mosquito Musketeers in each street with a minimum of two from & among retired persons, youth, students and those who are interested who will go to every house and office and counsel people about the causes, consequences and solutions to prevent mosquito breeding.

2. Sealing open sources:
The volunteers will help the residents in their properly covering/sealing the over head tank as well as the septic tank not giving any scope for breeding of mosquitoes. The covers (slabs) can be made and supplied.

3. Public / private open public space:
The “Mosquito Musketeers” will survey the private and public open places where there is water stagnation. They will arrange for this through the owners /corporation of Chennai. They will also ask the owners a. to bail out the stagnated water b. to raise the level of their land c. to put bores through hand bore for the water to percolate into the water table such that it does not stagnate. In case of non cooperation they should send written and oral complaints to their local government

4.Stagnation of Water in the Storm Water Drainage:
The Mosquito Musketeers will also check the storm water drainages, check whether all the blocks are there and will take up the removal of obstructions with the local government / body.

5. Illicit Connection of domestic Sewerage to Storm Water Drainage:
They will also check whether any one has given illicit connection of their domestic sewerage to the storm water drainage. They will report the same to the local government.

6.Fishes in Wells & ponds:
Along with the local government, they will help in the introduction of particular varieties of fish like 'Campuchea' in the wells and ponds which prey on mosquito larvae.

7.Involve students (Students- Mosquito Musketeers)
Senior citizens and home makers. Print this hand out and distribute to students and ask them to do the inspection in their home and neighbours’ homes.

Take up this action on a war footing and in fact it is a war against the winged monster, Mosquitoes. Print handouts, distribute it to people and students. Appeal to children to give a completion certificate. Do a brainstorming with other members of the family and get ideas from them. That will make them think and ensure their involvement.

Remember that “Prevention is better than Cure"d

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