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Researches prove that indoor pollution is more responsible for affecting your health than outdoor pollution. We talk so much about outdoor pollution forgetting the indoor pollution which is our own making due to acts of commissions and omissions. Pollution does not mean only outside. It can be indoors as well. Home pollution can emanate from devices or chemicals used in the home.

Forgotten Indoor Air Pollution  
Smoke from the kitchen, particles that stick to our skin, particles that get into our lungs are all the worst forms of indoor pollution. 
The dry cleaned cloths emit a number of chemicals harmful to health.
The soap powder and pesticide that we use are full of chemicals.

Air pollution at Home can be caused by many sources

  1. Cooking gas leak
  2. Kitchen smoke particularly if the fuel is fire wood
  3. Mosquito repellents
  4. certain categories of aerosol
  5. Chemically made incense sticks
  6. Chemically made camphor
  7. Chemically made mosquito repellents
  8. Cigarette smoking. If he can not stop, a place has to be reserved for him like a Smoke Room. Otherwise he makes others smoke what he exhales. It has been proved that passive smoking is more dangerous.
  9. Among the poor, especially those who live in thatched roof huts are exposed to smoke pollution caused by the burning fire wood and cow dung cake for cooking purposes without a proper vent or chimney. They develop respiratory problems. There are several lakhs of people who leave beneath asbestos. Other indoor air pollutants include asbestos, formaldehyde (which is associated with many consumer products, including certain wood products), aerosols, chloroform, paradichlorbenzene (from mothballs and air fresheners), perchloroethylene (associated with dry cleaning), etc

Here are the methods that you can reduce indoor air pollution

  1. Have proper natural ventilation
  2. Have vents and exhaust fans wherever necessary
  3. Have an electric chimney in the kitchen
  4. Do not use too many chemicals
  5. Green your home as much as possible ( see Green Home)
  6. Expose dry cleaned cloths to aeration before putting them in the closet

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