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Advantages of Clean & Green Home-Front
Use only used water


Clean house-front:

Ensure that the pavement (curb) and the road in the front of your home is clean. When the house–front of every one is cleaned, automatically the entire stretch of the road will become clean. Once cleanliness is assured, the occurrence of disease is eliminated, paving the way for a healthier life.


Green house-front:

Shrubs or hedge plants should be planted at the entrance of your house, on either side of the entrance to your house or on either side of the pavement. The garden will enhance the look of your building. Besides, when a clean, tidy and green garden is maintained, even hardcore riffraff will hesitate to commit nuisance in front of your house on the road. Encroachments can be prevented. The real estate value of your property will increase. Just imagine your street, with every house having its own garden in the house-front. What a visual treat it will be!  It will aid positive thinking and constructive action.  It is time to create your home front garden today if you have not done it so far.  Children living in a flat complex can jointly start Children Exnora & Youth Exnora and create a front garden within the compound of their flat complex.


HEY! Dear Home Exnora Yoga Practitioner,

Please remember one golden rule that MUST be followed by you, before you proceed in your green journey. You can do as much greening of your house as possible, but the water for gardening should not be drinking or fresh water. The source of water for greening activities must be “Used Water”. What is Used Water? and how does one convert the waste water as usable water?

These queries are well explained in

Please take a vow that you will do so. Water is the most precious commodity and the second basic necessity after air and it should not be wasted. Plants do not ask you for potable water. There are places where people have to walk miles to fetch a bucket of water. There are fights and disputes over sharing water between countries. Why! This is the case even between two neighboring villages as well as residents waiting to collect water from public water fountains.

Another request!  Try to use old and used materials for pot holders or make them from waste materials for your gardening. Do not worry about it marring the beauty of your garden. Once the plant begins to grow, the pots will be hidden.

For your home front garden you can plant certain varieties of shrubs and cacti.
The wonder about these species are

  1. You can cut a branch, plant it and it will grow
  2. They can live without water for three months at a stretch and
  3. Cattle do not eat them. What one needs is MIND and not MONEY.
clean streets
new house front



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