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Introduction on Source Solid Waste Management

SoWaM means Source  Waste Mangement. 
It can be SoSoWaM* meaning Source Solid Waste Management*,  DeSoWaM* meaning Decentralised Solid Waste Management * or  CeSoWaM* meaning Centralised Solid Waste Management *.
At home or any place including an office, industry or school where is the solid waste managed and treated ?  
*is the solution.

Municipal Solid Waste Management at Home

The World of waste has various categories. In this website we have provided guidelines for the Municipal Solid Waste Management and not the hazardous industrial waste or the infectious hospital waste. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is garbage that emanates from homes, businesses, markets, parks, hostels, hotels, educational institutions etc. It also includes the non-infectious waste from the hospitals and the non-industrial waste of the industries. Municipal solid waste does not include construction waste like debris as well as liquid waste like sewage generated by homes and industries.



*SoWaM- the advantages.

  1. Waste becomes waste only if you do not carry out composting.
  2. When thrown out, bacterial activity starts and it creates a stench.
  3. Discarded waste that is not brought under the process of composting may spread diseases.
  4. Waste if not managed at the source has to be transported, thereby incurring a transportation cost and pollution by transporting vehicles, besides spending money on precious fuel.
  5. Dumping the waste on land will lead to air, land, sub-soil and ground water pollution.
  6. Land surface area is exhausting as a result of the careless dumping of waste.
  7. Separated Recycled waste serve as raw material for industries.
  8. The conservation of natural resources is a by product of SoWaM
  9. Good pastime & physical exercise.

If you do well, almost 90% of the waste from your home will become wealth. The remaining 5% that will go to either sanitary landfill (even this can be avoided if people practise Home Exnora Yoga) or secured landfill, in the case of the Hazardous waste.



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